Wanna be a Lottery Winner?!

As you will always hear, you have a 1:1,000,0000 chance to win a lottery jackpot. So it would appear that the odds are against you, however that’s before you realize there are some tricks of the trade to doing better with every lottery ticket you buy!

Follow these 3 easy steps to a brighter, winnings future!

Step 1:
I know this sound ridiculous but you’d be surprised how many people miss out on hundreds sometimes even thousands of pounds by not double checking their lottery ticket! Be sure to save your lottery ticket in a safe place and always go back to the store to automatically check if you have won something!

Exclusive Bejeweled

Step 2:
Enter more lottery pools for the same amount of money! This is clearly the easiest way to boost your winnings odd and one of the cheapest! You don’t need to buy more individual tickets, join your office lottery pool, or maybe your gym club. But trust me there are plenty of people who pool their money and raise their odds!

Step 3:

Choose the lottery you play at wisely! Sometimes playing at national lotteries like the U.S Powerball or the EuroMillions only decreases your chances of actually being a real winner. Always keep a look out for smaller lotteries with many tiered prizes and jackpots.

These three tips won’t make anyone a guaranteed winner but they definitely help to increase your odds at winning!
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