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Unbelievable winnings

There are many incredible winning stories and we felt that it’s our duty to share with you some of the ones we found most amazing. Some are lottery winnings stories, some are sports related and we’ve also included amazing achievement and survival stories. We’d be happy to get your comments about each and hear which of these you find most unbelievable:

Incredible Lottery Winnings:

(image doesn’t have anything to do with any of the stories below)

The cheating husband

On 2007 Arnim Ramdass won over $10,000,000. For some reason he decided to keep this small piece of information from his wife, Donna. Fortunately for her, Arnim doesn’t is not the most intelligent person around. It seemed logical for him that activities like disconnecting the phone line and keeping the TV turned off all the time. Donna did what every reasonable woman would do and turned to Google. She quickly discovered a new house listed on his name which later brought to her attention the $10.2 million her husband won.

Extra ticket that was forgotten

Mr. Ladner has regular lottery number which he, his wife and some friends use to bet on every week. On 2007 one of these tickets won and got each of the buyers almost £500,000. A few days later Ladner remembered that he’d bought another ticket with the same number on that week. That extra ticket doubled his winnings to almost £1,000,000! His friends weren’t too happy with it though, having to say goodbye to £120,000 each.

50p to £1million

We especially love these stories of someone’s small change turning into a million. Here at we proud ourselves to be accessible to any budget and offer big jackboots at the same time. So when we found this story about a guy turning 50p into £1,000,000, we just had to bring it to your attention. The odds were 2,000,000-1 which the guy wasn’t even aware of since he chose the horses by their names: Isn’t that lucky’, ‘Racer forever’ and ‘A dream come true’. Doesn’t it just make you go ahhh.

Good people

It’s not every day you see such generosity, especially when there are millions of dollars involved and you can actually get away with keeping them. But in this story good overcame evil – Jean-Guy Lavigueuer lost his wallet with a winning lottery ticket in it worth $7.6 million. Someone later found this wallet, including the lottery ticket in it, and decided to return it to its rightful owner. We hope Lavigueuer rewarded that person handsomely. By the way, this happened in 1986. We didn’t hear similar stories since…

Sports Winnings

Last minute goal:

On May 26th, 1999, Manchester United played against Bayern Munich in the Champions league. Bayern were leading 1-0 and the game has already reached the stoppage time. On the 91st minute Teddy Sherringham scored the equalizer. This was incredible on its own however not the last surprise of the day. The winning goal was scored right before the final whistle by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer , which won them that championship!

The Runner that defeated the Sahara desert

This is a mix between sports and survival – The Sahara desert is considered one of the harshest environments in the world. Few plants can survive there and even fewer animals. Every year there’s a marathon which is held there and only the fiercest runners dare to participate it. Mauro Prosperi from Cicely decided he wanted to face this challenge and joined the Marathon. After a sand blizzard he got deduced from the group and lost in the desert. After days of walking he even tried to kill himself by cutting his wrists. Fortunately for him his blood was so thick because of the dehydration he was suffering at the time, so he didn’t bleed out. This discovery gave him a sudden burst of strength which took him the extra miles needed in order to reach the first sign of life he had seen for days. He then discovered that he walked about 120 miles all together.

Amazing Business achievement

Although this is not a classical winning story, we decided to include the B&J’s story here for two reasons:

  • We love Ice cream!
  • We believe personal achievements are equal if not superior to great Winnings.

So as you probably figured by now, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield started off from a correspondence course, learning the art of ice cream. They later used £6,000 of their savings and a loan of £3,000 and started manufacturing ice creams with unique flavors. That little business’s current annual revenue stands around £200,000,000.

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