The Games I'd Play for Money

There are quite a lot of games currently available to play online for real money through websites like and I really do enjoy the variety they all have, but as a person who enjoys all types of games I wish there were more. What do I mean by "all types of games" you might be asking yourself? I mean the very act of playing a game, any type of game from board games such as Monopoly or something old-school like dominoes to video games like Heavy Rain and Telltale's The Walking Dead Game. Games are mentally challenging by nature and they sharpen your mind as a result of the challenge once you understand how they work. Now, with that little explanation out of the way let's move on to which games I wish I could play for real money.

Chess for money anyone?

I love that Chess is considered a sport and have always been baffled by how nobody has thought to monetize that game. Believe me, I know from first-hand experience how difficult Chess can be (an easy fix with the right programming), but the moment I started figuring that game out I swear I started strategizing every aspect of my life. Suddenly, everything was a game of chess and I could figure out things other people couldn’t. I’m not a genius by any means, but I’m much more calculated now and if that game were made to play for money just think about how much you can win as you get smarter… and you’re getting smarter (an added bonus in itself)!

On my wish list:

Chess is to strategy what Tetris is to speed thinking and organizational skills and the further you advance, the more challenging it becomes. This one is another no-brainer and if it weren’t for Tetris my office desk would be a horrifically cluttered mess along with my closet and drawers. The video game company Nintendo spread it to the rest of the world from the Soviet Union on its historically significant handheld device called the Gameboy. It’s been nearly 30 years since then and the game can be found on any platform from smartphones to flash browser games. People love it for a reason and nobody can deny how beneficial it would be if it had a monetary incentive. Tetris; the untapped goldmine.

Different kinds of monetization

While those are just two examples of games I wish I could play for money, I feel like those are the best two examples I can confidently say without much doubt as to how profitable they would be for all parties involved. When you make the general public smarter you eventually end up with smarter workers who then create new innovative ideas that results in higher profits and, as long as the public/consumers are incentivized by the same kind of monetary gain offered by slot games and card games, the cycle will continue. Think of how reputable any company could become just by adding money into those games. Put plain and simple: literally everyone comes out a winner.

Play and Win
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