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The most absurd things people do to save money

Browsing the web for our next fun post for’s blog, we’ve bumped into this amazing phenomenon of crazy things some people would do to save money. There are some stories which frankly, made us feel uncomfortable to laugh out loud (so we laughed on the inside). But while we tend to think about such saving methods as weird, you’ve got to appreciate their commitment to the cause and creativity they show in spending as little as they can. Here are some of the craziest things we’ve found, leaving it to you to say if it’s crazy or brilliant:

E calculates his calories in terms of dollar with the rate of 400 calories per dollar. This saves him a lot of money and probably a lot of weight, unless he buys cheap food, which in this case will make him a fat dude with some free cash in his pocket.

J is constantly searching coupon sites and coupon section in newspapers and tries to buy everything she needs with these coupons. She claims that there was one month she managed to buy everything with a coupon. She says it makes her feel like she has a small personal win every time she gets a 10% discount or more on a product others pay a full price for.

N didn’t take a haircut for 3 years now. It’s not that he wants his hair long; it’s just a good way to save money as far as he’s concerned. He also owns only 2 pants and buys all of his T-shirts in Salvation Army stores. N don’t believe these are crazy habits but truly believe that this is what most people do.

R didn’t go as far as not cutting her hair, but she did save on Shampoo. She says she can save up to $200 by skipping washing her hair for a few months. If she would come to us we would tell her that she can save the same by depositing $200 at winnings and getting another $200 to play with. All this and still having her hair smell good.

L looks for food leftover in trash bins at work. He says it started off by mistake and became a habit of his after seeing what a great solution it is for saving money and time on cooking or going to buy food. The best part of it, he says, is the thrill of discovering an amazing item that someone threw out which is in a sealed package or looks like it was just bought.

So what do you think? Is it crazy or super smart?

And what is the craziest thing You did to save money?

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